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PT Ocean Mega Persada is a reliable seafood trading company and fish farm, located in Surabaya, Indonesia. we serve the best quality of seafood product from all over the world includes frozen fish, fresh fish, canned fish and live fish

We are a strong believer that the business has to be conducted in a sustainable and sensible way. Sustainable means that all the parties involved have to be profitable. Sensible means when some undesired things happen, we have to resolve them in a sensible and amicable ways with the other parties.

Our business philosophy is based on the partnership. We value greatly our business partnership both suppliers and buyers. We believe in business partnership as the key to our continued growth in the future.


Lobster Bakso Ikan Kerapu Ikan Tuna Cumi-cumi Ikan Layang Rabu, 19 Sep 2018, 11:29:00 WIB Mengenal Ikan Layang (Decapterus spp.) dan Karakteristiknya

Mengenal Ikan Layang (Decapterus spp.) dan Karakteristiknya Ikan layang merupakan salah satu jenis ikan yang produksinya cukup tinggi di...